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 Rules of Bloody Vikingz

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PostSubject: Rules of Bloody Vikingz   Rules of Bloody Vikingz EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 5:53 am

#1. Only 60+ combat clans can war with BV.
#2. Clan capes must be used in wars. (Team-42 cape)
#4. Members may only have 1-30 defense. No higher.
#5. No Bs Units Allowed.
#6. Members cannot start a war or mini without a rank's approval.
#7. No Flaming Allowed. This includes IRC, Vent, and all other clan resources.
#8. Must be in #bloody-vikingz IRC channel every time you logged in.
#9. Must Have 10+ Post Counts to be accepted as full member. Stay active on this site!
#10. Must be on the time for War or Trip.
#11. Must show respect to higher ranks!
#12. Be as active as possible!
#13. Always check site for news. It is your responsibility to be aware of events.
#14. Always idle official friends chat when in-game.
#15. Never report your teammates.

Failure to follow these rules could result in getting de-ranked or kicked from BV.

Copy this code to your application, to show you have read the rules. (to #12 Do You Agree The Rules?)

[b][color=#ee4a2d]Yes, I agree to the rules of BV and will abide by them[/color][/b]
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Rules of Bloody Vikingz
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