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 BV Junior member application - Copy and Paste

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BV Junior member application - Copy and Paste Empty
PostSubject: BV Junior member application - Copy and Paste   BV Junior member application - Copy and Paste EmptyWed Aug 03, 2011 6:07 am

Copy and paste this application into your thread. Delete the (Answer here) tags and insert your picture or response.

Link us to your introduction: (answer here)
What is your user name and display name:(answer here
Are u F2P or P2P?:(answer here)
Post A Picture Of Your Bank:(answer here)
Post A Picture of your Stats:(answer here)
Post A picture of your combat level:(answer here)
1. What option are u applying with? (melee , range , hybrid ,check out the reqs! )
(answer here)
2. Where did u hear about Bloody Vikingz:(answer here)
3. You Need 10 post counts to be accepted (If you don't have 10 post counts your apply will be declined) (will u be working on it?) :(answer here)
4. Why do you want to join?:(answer here)
5. Do you have any problems with any of our members?:(answer here)
6. What time Zone are you in?:(answer here)
7. I will not ASK for a RANK in the clan? (Do you understand this rule and will you remember to follow it?):(asnwer here)
8. Were you in any other pure clans in Runescape ? If Yes, why did you leave/get booted?: (answer here)
9. As an applicant u must attend 2 events (post 2 pictures of 2 events , app will not be accepted before pics) (edit and post it later):(answer here)
10. What do these statements mean?:
- Fall in :(answer here)
- Push :(answer here)
- Tank :(answer here)
11. Do u have any experience in leadership, site-making , graphic design, etc?:(answer here)
12. Do you agree the rules? (Copy Code under the rules clcik here )(answer here)
13. What is the #10 rule ?(answer here)
14. Post us a picture of Ventrilo and IRC opened (answer here)
15. What will you bring to a F2P pk trip (Picture!)(answer here)
16. What will you bring to a P2P pk trip (Picture!) (answer here)
17. We pk more then 1 hour so post an picture of your return tab(answer here)
18. To complete your app we want a picture of you in-game saying "#bloody-vikingz"(answer here)
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BV Junior member application - Copy and Paste
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