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  PHTP's 5th Anniversary | Invitation to PHTP Bday [ #Phtp-Bday ]

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PostSubject: PHTP's 5th Anniversary | Invitation to PHTP Bday [ #Phtp-Bday ]   Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:44 pm

This is the biggest PHTP (pure house training party) event ever!!

This is an invitation for all pures with 30- defence to come to the Fifth year anniversary of PHTP, hosted by PHTP's owner Kingrang3194.
This party is going to be epic!! The biggest event for pures ever and your all invited.
On Aug. 20th 2011! Everyone must attend this insane event, join PHTP CHANNEL friend chat and come to world 51 in Yanille!

There is going to be a HUGE drop party during this crazy pure event, with multiple people dropping BANKL00T!!!
So if you don't attend then your missing out on making bank, meeting friends and getting EXP out the ass in PHTP!

A lot of the oldschool phtp staff/players are showing up for this event so be there to catch up with old friends or make new friends with
cool people. It's going to be crazy and super fun.

Make sure you keep your protection prayers off at all times, and NO freezing magics.
This event has nothing to do with any RS Pure clans its pureley PHTP to please no flaming clans or about clans.
This HUGE event is starting at ##:## pm/am!!

7PM Netherlands
5am New Zealand
3am AU Sydney
2:30 am AU Darwin
1am Au Perth
7pm South Africa
6pm England
10am US Pacific
11 am US Mountain
1pm US Eastern
12:00pm US Central

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PHTP's 5th Anniversary | Invitation to PHTP Bday [ #Phtp-Bday ]
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